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Case Study

Building A True Partnership For Effective Measurement for

Challenge Summary

Ancestry’s marketing measurement and activation strategy were in need of new thinking to reinvigorate growth. They juggled many systems and teams operated ineffectively in silos. The business wanted to move away from transactional goals and last-click attribution, so they could pursue true customer-centric marketing. Ancestry also wanted to make sure they were prepared for data privacy changes, so they turned to Bonsai as an objective 3rd party.

Results Snapshot
  • Enabled true understanding across the business by reducing data loss & duplication
  • Eliminated deadweight technologies to save money and improve ROI
  • Increased data trust and transparency across the business
  • Migrated from channel-based marketing to customer based marketing to drive growth
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Case Study

Gaining Ground During Sports Betting’s Pandemic Downturn for PropSwap

Challenge Summary

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in March 2020, the sports and gaming industry was flipped upside down as sporting events were postponed or canceled altogether, like the popular NCAA March Madness tournament. During this time, PropSwap saw its marketplace struggle, with fewer and fewer bets taking place. To overcome this challenge, the company turned to Bonsai to help them find new and better ways to engage more users in a cost-effective manner.

Results Snapshot
  • 33% increase in customer retention
  • 50% decrease in customer acquisition costs
  • Improved ad performance while keeping budget flat during a 20%+ rise in industry ad costs
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Featured Case Study

Performance Marketing Optimization for Rubber Tracks

Challenge Summary

Bonsai built on an already strong 15 year foundation of Google Ads and brought precision and understanding around how their campaigns were truly performing. Bonsai built Rubber Tracks a custom measurement platform unique to their business to best measure results and better inform decision making. Using this system, the business was able to identify that the highest value came from a customer phone call. Bonsai then curated ads to value phone calls above other conversions, unlocking exponential return growth for RTE. The results speak for themselves.

Results Snapshot
  • 20% in cost savings
  • 10% increase in clicks
  • 19x increase in sales calls