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Data strategy solutions that drive business advantage

Comprehensive Data Solutions

Solutions by Business Case

  • Map and measure channel and platform performance within your portfolio
  • Empower leaders to make better business decisions
  • Accurately measure to better focus resources
  • Use incrementality in programmatic media buying with your own first-party data
  • Built-to-suit customizations for discrete needs or full data ecosystems
  • Unify and leverage all your digital business data — marketing, business, customers, and more
  • Streamline operations
  • Simplify and maximize your tech stack
  • Reveal ROI on tech investments
  • Activate philosophy through practice
  • Drive revenue and profit growth
  • Create data-driven results across your digital business
  • Increase transparency and performance across enterprise teams
  • Prioritize channels by performance
  • Enable insights that extend across the business
  • Distribute data analysis across the entire business and across repositories
  • Use customized dashboards that provide intelligent analytics to support your entire business

Solutions by Strategic Outcome

  • Cultivate a cohesive, robust and sustainable digital business ecosystem
  • Model and map data across platforms
  • Connect and align marketing and corporate strategy
  • Custom BI dashboards to identify revenue growth opportunities across channels and plafforms
  • Drive growth across website and marketing channels
  • Optimize customer experiences, offers, and messages
  • Identify  efficiencies across channels, strategies and campaigns, and automate return-on-investment improvements
  • Measure revenue and profit with accurate, customer-centric perspectives
  • Understand customer purchasing journeys and identify and remove barriers
  • Unify and better leverage business data across the enterprise
  • Simplify complex technology stacks to empower teams and reduce complexity
  • Eliminate unnecessary tech and maximize ROI
  • Enable world-class first-party data consent, capture and activation with Bonsai’s custom GA4 configuration
  • Create sustainable ways to drive revenue across brick and mortar and digital channels
  • Reduce waste and improve the bottom line to support strategic growth initiatives

Comprehensive Advisory Services


  • Technology Agnostic Data Strategy
  • Marketing Data Strategy
  • Teams Optimization
  • Teams-based Performance Dashboards
  • Digital Media Management


  • MarTech Design & Configuration
  • Technology Ecosystem Curation
  • Managed Data Warehousing


  • Measurement Strategy
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Incrementality & Analytics
  • Forecasting & Predictive Modeling
  • Causal Attribution


  • Bidding Optimization
  • First-Party Data Smart Bidding Integration
  • Audience Segmentation & Automation

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