Analytical Support

Understand your customers’ path to purchase and marketing channels’ impacts for investment optimization and growth

Once Overstory is built and multi-touch attribution is painting a picture of marketing channels ROAS, our clients often want to learn more about their customers: how they’re interacting with media, where journeys drop off, what type of impact promos have on the business, etc. 

Bonsai’s Analytical Leads serve as critical extensions to our clients’ teams, diving into the data and pulling out answers to questions that otherwise can’t be answered. Analytical Leads take your first-party data and make sense of it, summarizing in clear and direct ways the actionable next steps you can take to optimize efficiency and gain even more growth.

What does an Analytical Lead do?

  • Provide ongoing analysis to answer critical business and marketing questions.
  • Build marketing mixes and funnels based on first-party data and insights.
  • Make recommendations for scaling investment across channels.
  • Share incrementality modeling readouts that compare MTA & MMM impacts.
  • Builds custom dashboard views outside of the standard UCM views.

See this in action with our client, Gabb Wireless.

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