Utilize your first-party data for accurate business results, understand where users convert to customers, & accelerate paid media’s ROI

Overstory provides clarity on questions that executives often find challenging to answer, such as: How do I grow my top and bottom line results?

Unveil marketing strategies and campaigns that really work, enabling your team to identify areas for further activation and drive business success.

What is Overstory?

Relying on third-party cookies for insight into your marketing performance doesn’t tell the full story.

That’s why we created Overstory ⏤

a marketing measurement and activation platform

built on your

first-party data.

Overstory flips what we know today as marketing reporting on its head; instead of hoping your channel gets the right credit, it enables us to see what actually happens. With our proprietary measurement, Bonsai can power more than just Multi-Touch Attribution, proving the impact of impression-based media through Incrementality Modeling and driving incremental growth for clients through our custom predictive algorithms, such as pCV.

Marketers no longer have to depend on platform reporting or last-click credit. They can now reclaim control of their measurement, getting clear and actionable reporting to drive growth and cost savings across channels, campaigns, and teams.

How does Overstory work?

  • At Bonsai, we solve marketing measurement by designing first-party, best-in-class analytics custom-configured to your business model and technology.
  • We unify business and marketing data and provide exact customer journey views for our clients, so they understand the path a consumer takes from consideration to buying. This is Bonsai’s proprietary multi-touch attribution.
  • From there, our clients utilize our first-party multi-touch attribution for investment optimization. Once media is in-market, incrementality modeling and automated buying drive accelerated growth and media waste savings.

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Data Strategy Drives Your Digital Advantage.

We believe…

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Data needs a strategy to become an asset.

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Marketing needs data science  to become intelligent.

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Technology needs cultivation to be truly effective.