Multi-Touch Attribution

Move to customer journey measurement to reveal marketing’s true value of media instead of relying on third-party attribution or last-click methodologies

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Marketing teams across the globe have one thing in common: each channel owner is trying to prove their channel drove the sale. The truth is, multiple marketing channels drive customer value.

Overstory’s multi-touch attribution model solves for this by establishing a single view of the customer across your first-party data, including every key marketing interaction, product engagement, and purchase.

What is Bonsai’s MTA Methodology?

#1 – Deterministic, First-Party Data Based

Our unified customer journey dataset includes all observable digital customer interactions and business events from your first-party data. This includes marketing touchpoints, on-site & in-app behavior, promo interactions & redemptions, lifecycle & CRM interactions, affiliate activity, and purchases, both online & offline. Any digital touchpoint that occurred throughout the journey receives fractional credit for playing a role in the purchase.

With Overstory, marketers gain a deeper understanding of how each channel plays a specific role in converting users to customers.

Deterministic First-Party Multi-Touch models don’t capture the impact of marketing impressions or views.  Impression-based media is valuable, so we pair Multi-Touch Attribution with Incrementality Modeling for a complete picture of marketing’s impact.

Who is best suited for MTA?

  • Our MTA serves growth-stage startups and the biggest enterprises with the same precision, speed, and scale. Our platform analyzes billions of customer journeys and generates millions of attributable value predictions on a daily basis.

What does MTA reporting look like?

  • Bonsai clients view attributable value, spend, and ROI by marketing channel, platform, campaign, ad, and even audience targets through the lens of MTA
  • Clients receive actionable, accurate incremental impact measurement in the same place where they activate that data using predictive buying algorithms
Analytics & BI Circles and Arrows

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