Predictive Algorithms

Activate first-party data in media buying for incremental growth & cost savings

Overstory has many powerful advantages, one of them being data activation. Marketers are constantly asking how to extract more value from paid search and social media campaigns, but Google and Meta are becoming less helpful. Imagine your first-party data as your bidding and buying engines for paid search and social media platforms.

Bonsai’s Data Scientists have created custom predictive algorithms that reimagine critical media buying strategies. Running off the Overstory dataset, these algorithms allow our clients to buy more valuable customers at a lower cost, having an even greater impact on ROAS than standard buying practices.

What is Bonsai’s Predictive Click Value Model?

Since 2021, we’ve been testing first-party data activation strategies within the Google Ads ecosystem and have found an incremental growth model capable of powering brands into the future. Bonsai’s Predicted Click Value (pCV) model brings Overstory to market through Google Smart Bidding. Our clients acquire higher-value customers without third-party cookies or Google’s bidding engine; it’s powered by their own first-party data. Once on pCV, our clients typically see faster optimization, higher-value customers, and better ROI.

Check out how pCV has grown’s and Gabb Wireless’ paid search programs:

How Does Moving to Predictive Algorithms Work?

With the help of our Performance Marketing Team, moving to pCV or our Audience Buying Model will be a smooth, streamlined process. The Bonsai team builds the model off of Overstory and manages the data feed into the specific advertising platform. From there, we work closely with the client team to run phased trials to ensure success and then scale to full automated buying across accounts. We help write the test design docs, work with teams to ensure proper tROAS targets are set and campaigns are running well, and will present readouts to teams.

What Does Reporting Look Like When Using Predictive Algorithms?

To prove out success, we find test/control dashboards are helpful during the trialing of our predictive models.

Let’s get started running your ads on first-party data!

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