Kids-Safe Tech Leader Leverages Bonsai’s Expertise for Business Measurement & Growth

Gabb is a high-growth startup and the leader in child-safe telecom tech. They are passionate about connecting kids to safe technology solutions.

Russ Hannig, VP Growth, Gabb

“What your team has done for our business has been transformative – and it’s only the beginning.”

Nate Randle, CEO, Gabb

“Partnering with your team immediately makes us better.”

Logan Learning VP, FP&A, Gabb

“We now have much more visibility across our entire organization that is facilitating informed conversations & decisions. …This is just one example to illustrate the impact of visible, timely, and accurate data.”


Gabb had limited insight into business performance, and needed transparency to showcase their success to investors. Previously, they were dependent on their cellular provider data alone to show them core KPIs like Revenue and Devices Sold, but Gabb didn’t have visibility into strategic context. For example, how many customers upgraded to a new phone? How many new lines come from retail partners? 

Simultaneously, they needed to optimize marketing budgets to increase ROI. Gabb’s marketing teams relied on platform and agency partner reporting using third-party conversion tracking data that, taken together, didn’t add up.

This left Gabb leadership teams questioning what was driving new customers, and what sales and profit numbers really were.


  • Bonsai partnered directly with Gabb’s cellular provider and established a measurement suite where all critical business metrics could be viewed across all teams in real-time. Bonsai Engineering remastered Gabb’s business data model better to understand lines, subscribers, add-ons, and revenue streams — and get answers to critical investor questions.
  • To solve over-reliance on third-party tracking, Bonsai unified Gabb’s business and marketing touchpoints using Bonsai’s Unified Customer Measurement (MTA) solution. Gabb’s marketing team now understands how each marketing channel contributes to driving incremental customers and purchases. Since then, they increased ROAS across their entire media mix. Moving away from third-party party data-based optimization has grown Gabb’s top and bottom line.
  • To better understand how impression-based marketing impacted new device sales, Bonsai’s Data Scientists crafted a custom MMM so Gabb had a clear insight into TV results, Facebook views, and more.
  • Even previously strong-performing channels saw material improvement. For example, Bonsai grew Gabb’s Google Ads ROI by implementing Bonsai’s pCV model – Bonsai’s technology that retrains Google Smart Bidding AI. Since then, Gabb has seen tremendous total return growth, especially from Brand Paid Search campaigns.*


pCV drove +200% ROAS for Gabb’s Brand campaigns when tested against Google’s buying.*

Partnering since 2022, Bonsai has become an extension of Gabb’s engineering, marketing and finance teams. Together, we’ve exceeded their aggressive business growth goals in 2023, and we’re collaborating to drive even greater growth trajectories in 2024.