Modern Marketing Metrics for a Growing Urgent Care Medical Provider

WellNow Urgent Care provides walk-in treatment for illnesses and injuries, rapid testing and other health needs.


“Marketing Analytics Cloud: Bonsai has helped us build a GCP instance where we are pulling in de-identified first-party data and all marketing data including media (digital and traditional), web analytics (via BigQuery export from WN and PIC GA4 properties), CRM (email SMS), etc. For most reporting and data access it is my preference to go through this environment. It contains all the raw unsampled data that we can manipulate at our leisure. We need to ensure everything is classified/categorized properly before it is ingested there but – that needs to be our source of truth.”


WellNow Urgent Care aimed to understand the incremental impact of marketing investments across digital and television, but struggled to answer due to the demand capture nature of the urgent care business: high walk-in rates, limited tracking, multiple geo-market business environments, and restricted targeting practices under HIPAA constraints. In response to these challenges, they sought a partner who could help determine marketing’s impact on driving clinic visits, define measurement to optimize marketing allocations and provide analysis of measurement for incremental customers.


Bonsai’s Data Science team delivered Incrementality Modeling to WellNow’s Marketing team, providing a monthly readout on incremental impact & optimization opportunities for campaigns using incremental clinic visits across every location in their footprint. Bonsai’s Incrementality Modeling serves as a great MMM alternative as it provides ongoing and regular views into incremental performance, so teams aren’t waiting for delayed lookback analysis. 


Bonsai and WellNow have maintained a successful ongoing partnership for over a year.

WellNow utilizes Bonsai’s geo-specific incrementality measurement to allocate investments most effectively across television, social, and demand-capture digital channels like paid search.

In addition, because WellNow has already unified their marketing, website and business data on Bonsai’s Unified Customer Measurement (UCM), they can quickly launch marketing tests, like a paid search heavy up, and see lift results with live data and dashboards in just a few days – rather than waiting for results post-test.