Test / Control Measurement

Run market-level tests with speed, repeatability, and confidence

With Overstory measurement, your team can run Match Market Tests (MMT) and obtain clear results on impact. Wondering if running a YouTube campaign in LA will boost your sales?

Since Overstory establishes your first-party measurement, our Performance Marketing team can design and run an MMT aligned with your goals, and our Analytical Leads can report real-time results on your investment.

As a result, you will gain a clear understanding of how spend impacts incremental sales and revenue.

What does an MMT with Bonsai look like?

The first step in running your next MMT is building your first-party measurement framework so that you can accurately view true impact results. Bonsai’s Data Engineers will create your first-party data warehouse by unifying your business and marketing data. This will then power your MMT reporting once your test goes live.

As Overstory is being built, Bonsai’s Performance Marketing team will work hand-in-hand with your team to understand the objectives of the test. Are you looking to understand impact across marketing channels – paid search, TV, or social media? Are you hoping incremental spend will drive product purchases, app downloads, or revenue? Given your test markets, what’s the most appropriate control?

Once we’ve nailed down the specifics, we help your team set time frames and run the test live. At that point, our Analytical Leads will analyze incremental lift through the MMT tool within the Overstory Platform.

What type of MMT reporting can I expect to see?

MMT reporting is available through our Overstory interface.

Let Bonsai design your next MMT!

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