First-Party Growth Strategy

Craft a first-party data strategy that will advance your business and cultivate advantage

For the past 20 years, marketers have relied on third-party cookies and pixels to tell them their results, but in today’s landscape cookies and pixels no longer drive growth. In fact, brands lose $29 on every customer acquired and 40% of prospective customers can’t be targeted or tracked. Marketing leaders who are looking for growth need to adopt a first-party data approach allowing them to better understand their customers and the impact of their marketing channels.

At Bonsai, we have a team of experienced Engagement Managers who are first-party digital strategists. They hold a wealth of knowledge for establishing proper measurement methodologies, and activating first-party data that helps their clients hit double-digit growth. Engagement Managers lead the first-party strategy, partnering closely with business leaders & executives on the client side to launch the business into modern marketing practices and gain adoption across teams.

It is essential for our clients to have a close working relationship between a CMO or Growth Officer and the Engagement Manager for successful change management.

What does an Engagement Manager do?

  • Establishes the Key Performance Indicators the business needs for peak performance.
  • Trains teams and rolls out changes across the organization.
  • Ensures successful partnerships and cross-functional teams are meeting objectives and goals.

Connect with an Engagement Manager and learn more about how to move your business to first-party measurement and activation.

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