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Migrate to first-party measurement & activation with a team of experts

Moving away from traditional marketing practices and modernizing your business can be overwhelming. At Bonsai, our marketing strategists, technologists, engineers, and analytical experts will help transform your business into a best-in-class organization. Don’t worry about hiring internal resources or tasking your team with additional “projects” – we know they’re already busy.

Instead, entrust first-party measurement and activation to people who do it everyday.

Who is Bonsai?

Bonsai is a Marketing Analytics Consultancy based outside of Chicago, founded in 2020 by Matt Butler, a data genius, and Mike Remke, an engineering mastermind.

After several brainstorming sessions where Matt and Mike mapped out how data and engineering could transform the marketing industry, they began working with clients on technology mapping and design. was our first-ever client, and that engagement propelled Matt and Mike into building UCM and scaling our service offerings. As a result, clients could have a world-class experience transitioning their businesses away from third-party data.

What Services does Bonsai Offer?

Currently, Bonsai provides the following services:

  • First-Party Growth Strategy | At Bonsai, our Engagement Managers act as client leads identifying and communicating the strategy internally at Bonsai but also with their client and their teams.
  • Analytical Support | Bonsai’s Analytical Leads are not only insanely smart analysts, but they also support change management and the adoption of first-party data and insights at enterprise organizations and start-ups.
  • Performance Marketing Management | Our Performance Marketing team advises on best practices for managing Ad accounts and will run your automated bidding with pCV.
  • Customer Engineering | Bonsai Data Engineers work across CDPs, CRMs, marketing platforms and more to tag, track, and build unified customer datasets that ultimately power first-party measurement and activation. They’re experts in getting clean, reliable data.

Want to meet the team? Let’s connect and hear more about what you’re looking to accomplish.