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Bonsai is more than performance marketing consultants. We are expert data scientists and experienced marketing practitioners with a unique bench of skills and diverse backgrounds that inform our advisory. Our people-first approach and commitment to integrity is the driving force of everything we do.

Meet the passionate team who are helping clients cultivate digital advantage.

Terry Gallaher

VP, Customers & Strategic Partnerships

Allie Banks

Engagement Manager

Bri McDowell

Senior Program Manager

Chirag Pandya

Senior Program Manager

Michael Sachs

VP, Performance Marketing

John Krebsbach

Chief Operating Officer

Dino Khanal

Analytics & Data Lead

Gabriel Tardif

Solutions Architect

Lydia Fern

Senior Program Analyst
Hear From Our Team

When I work with a client, I often hear how frustrated they feel with things like attribution, or the hold on audience segmentation platforms like Facebook and Google may have. My role is to help marketers unlock their full potential by utilizing the data they already have in-house, something that is insanely powerful and already there to activate – it’s an insanely rewarding experience.

What I enjoy most about working at Bonsai is deciphering complex, challenging problems alongside a talented and passionate team – and delivering solutions that translate data into real business outcomes for our clients.

The complexity of the consumer analytics landscape, whether related to marketing or customer engagement, has increased several-fold over the last decade. And, every indication from the market suggests that things are about to continue in the same direction as we head towards rapid commercialization of the digital space. Out of the many aspects of my role, I feel most rewarded when we help our clients get a sense of intuition in the face of all of this rising complexity.

When I work with a client I often hear about how overwhelmed they feel with this ever-changing world of tech and data. They know what their problem is, but they don’t know how to solve it or they don’t have the bandwidth to do so. My role is to help client teams find the best solution for their organization and help them feel empowered with the data that they hold in their hands. It’s an immensely gratifying experience every single time. 

The best thing we have at Bonsai is that we don’t have a boss.  We have LEADERS who lead from the front and are interested in building leaders.  We are encouraged to enhance our skill sets even though that is not a direct benefit to Bonsai.