Business leaders focus on how Artificial Intelligence can accelerate profitable growth. What’s often missed is this — AI alone can’t deliver better results without better training. And better training comes from one thing – better data.

Better data is the premium fuel required for AI-driven growth via tools like Google Ads Smart Bidding. This past month, Bonsai launched our pCV trial phase for four new companies, spanning consumer healthcare, eCommerce Retail, subscription services and direct-to-consumer brands.

So what is pCV, really? It’s the world’s first data feed of expected incremental value for each Google Ads impression, trained entirely on a business’ unique customer journey. It represents the premium fuel – the better data required for Google Ads to deliver on it’s promise to marketers, and for AI to deliver on it’s promise of scaled, profitable success.

This months’ trials expand Bonsai’s pCV footprint by 2x. We aim to continue that kind of aggressive growth pace, bringing the power of AI trained on better data to as many retailers, consumer brands, and subscription services as possible.

We had the pleasure of attending the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas!

The team learned an invaluable amount of knowledge from industry leaders about new innovations from Adobe and how generative AI can help power the future of digital marketing.

The Bonsai team in Las Vegas for Adobe Summit 2024!

Bonsai is proud to announce we have officially secured 2 exciting new partnerships!

Upcoming conference(s) the Bonsai team will be present at. Attending? Let’s connect live at the following events.

Google Cloud Next

April 9-11th 2024

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

Inspiration starts here. Over three epic days, join us for visionary keynotes, the latest technology innovations, and live sessions on everything from generative AI to security.

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