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Below is your custom assessment for The data was analyzed against 1363 peer companies in the Not Categorized industry as of April 2021.

Does optimize value from all deployed marketing technologies?


Active market vendors

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MarTech vs. Peers

Are you paying more than you need to do the job?

It takes multiple technical functions to operate excellent modern marketing. You need ad networks to reach customers, analytics services to measure customer behavior, and data management services to unify data into a cohesive business intelligence. Tech stacks work when fit for purpose - but what if your partners don't all work together? Do your tools overlap and conflict?

Wasted Media Dollars

And conflicting measurement

See how your company stacks up against industry peers in terms of active Ad Networks and Web/App Analytics providers. While utilizing multiple digital ad networks can improve your acquisition reach and effectiveness, too many can lead to media impression overlap, oversaturation and wasted marketing investments. Multiple analytics providers can present conflicting versions of truth to varying stakeholders within your organization.



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3P data usage

Whether it's privacy concerns or decaying efficacy, third-party data complicates strategy and puts your business at risk. Are you relying on too many third parties versus using your valuable first-party data?

What is First and Third Party Data?

First party data is the information you collect directly from your audience or customers.

Third party data is when marketing technologies collect user data on their customers' behalf, despite not having a direct relationship with the user. This practice is defined as “third-party data” collection. Third-party data collection can occur in a variety of formats, but the most common remains the collection of a user's web browser and behavioral information, usually in the form of a “cookie” stored and retrieved by third parties at their discretion.

Analysis Complexity

And excessive data fees

How many advertising analytics reports and tools does your team log into every day? Some datasets and metrics are useful for in-market optimization, but not for understanding business impact. Can you reconcile the conflicting data in your reports?



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