We drive growth through 1P data

At Bonsai, We measure and generate incremental value through 1P data so marketers drive true business growth, and decision-makers understand what really works.

How we nurture growth

1st-Party Data

Custom-configured web and app analytics.

1st-Party Data

Business and marketing data warehousing, multi-touch attribution, customer analytics,
and incrementality modeling.

1st-Party Data

1st-party data driven digital marketing management and predictive bidding algorithms.

Overcoming 3P data challenges

Relying on traditional 3P data-driven digital marketing simply doesn’t work. Traditional management methods are losing companies approximately $29 per customer acquired, and 40% of users can no longer be targeted or tracked using 3P cookies. Marketing platforms are competing for impressions and spend, running budgets into the ground. Customer acquisition costs are accelerating. Privacy regulations add even greater complexity.

To overcome 3P challenges and cultivate real advantage, marketing leaders need to put 1P data to work. Robust 1P data strategy and activation is your market advantage.

We believe:

Data needs a strategy to become an asset.
Marketing needs data science to become intelligent.
Technology needs cultivation to be truly effective.

Driving Growth For Leading Brands

Bill Kiss Headshot

Bill Kiss, Chief Digital Officer, Ace Hardware

We needed a partner who not only understands the digital marketing ecosystem, but who also knows how to leverage data to validate the impact our Google Ads investment has across both our national online and local retail businesses. Bonsai brings a world-class strategic approach and provides key insights that enables our senior leadership team to confidently act on to help us continue our drive towards establishing a true connected retail strategy.

Kevin O‘Flaherty Headshot

Kevin O‘Flaherty, O’FLAHERTY LAW

Top-notch customer service and intelligent business solutions. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

Audrey Bower, Senior Director, Strategic Business Operations & Global Marketing Analytics, Ancestry

Bonsai has been instrumental in thoughtfully assessing the current status of operations in Ancestry marketing, recommending solutions, and helping us implement them. I have been really impressed with the insights that Bonsai has shared based on meetings with internal team members.

Ian Epstein Headshot


Bonsai has been tremendous to work with. Their attention to detail and expertise in the field of paid search marketing has been extremely beneficial. I would recommend them to any growing online business.

Marissa Hagmeyer, COO, Neat Method

Bonsai has worked closely with our entire team to join all of our data into a complete, unified view of the business. They have provided key insights to help us improve our operations and efficiency.

Chris Duncan, VP Consumer Insights & Digital Marketing, Claire’s

Bonsai Data Solutions identified gaps in our first-party data and provided Claire’s with a framework to activate and unify customer data for our most important marketing campaigns.

Alex Koh, Product Operations Manager, Alkeme Health

The Bonsai Team has been instrumental in helping our organization get set up with foundational elements of business intelligence and strategy development. They’ve been a joy to work with, a diligent team, and a consistent group of people to work with. I feel at peace & reassured about where we are today as an org as well as the road ahead; this is all thanks to our partnership and work with Bonsai.

Todd Pollak, Chief Commercial Officer, Ancestry

Bonsai not only made us better, but  pushed us to think in ways we never would have identified ourselves.

Customer Impact

Two highest eComm months ever under management with reduced marketing spend

Cybersecurity MQL delivery ahead of goals at -30% CAC than industry

Doubled annual customer acquisition & -50% CAC

Exceeded non-owner revenue targets for first time

Highest growth & lowest CAC in company history

Before Bonsai

Markerters can’t figure out what to do better.

  • Data overload
  • Insight gaps
  • High marketing complexity & expensive
  • Poor business growth
  • Tons of 3P data and reports, no answers

After Bonsai

Business & marketing leaders see real results growth alongside marketing’s true impact

  • Reduced user complexity
  • Insights everywhere
  • Activated insights, better marketing ROI, better customer acquisition & value
  • Distilled view of all marketing & business together
  • Immediate business improvement through better observability

Cultivate Your Data. Accelerate Your Growth.

Take the first step to design, unify, and utilize your business data right here, today. Contact the Bonsai team for an expert assessment.