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Our hands-on approach solves marketing technology, data and analytics challenges through groundbreaking design. Our principles eliminate tech waste and maximize your ROI.

What We Do

The Art Of Bonsai

Our managed services draw inspiration from the art of Bonsai – precision design and rigorous cultivation that replicates natural beauty on any scale. Our unique approach shapes future-proof marketing technology ecosystems that operate seamlessly, scale efficiently, measure accurately, delight your customers and grow your business.


Our solution eliminates the problems with typical multi-touch attribution and media-mix modeling techniques. Get immediate insights that drive intuitive decisions using data you already own.


Reduce waste, eliminate data risk, and increase customer acquisition today. We deliver simplified tech, better data, and simpler solutions for your entire digital business operation.


Our platform-agnostic, measurement-first approach ensures your performance marketing drives profitable growth no matter your budget or business model.
Who We Are

Your data SOlution Partners

Founded in February, 2020, Bonsai started as a project developed by two co-founders passionate about the power of data, innovation and technology in everyday lives, but frustrated by the waste and complexity generated by the existing technological ecosystem.

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Quarterly Report

Marketing Technology Data Proliferation

World-class research on how marketing technology proliferation and data collection impacts users, marketers and companies from every industry. Join companies like Celebrus, Teradata, and institutions like Washington University and Northwestern who utilize our original insights.

The second edition of the MDPR includes analysis of over 3,000 companies across 34 vertical categories. Our original research examines marketing technology and consumer data proliferation in unprecedented detail, identifying key impacts to users and business.

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