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Acquire new customers & drive profitable growth with accurate measurement.

Multi-Touch Attribution, Incrementality Modeling, and Matched Market Testing in one seamless product.

Multi-Touch Attribution

See your customers’ full path to purchase and accurately estimate true incremental impact

  • Attributable journey
  • Windowless
  • Known, observable touchpoints
  • Realized Value & Predicted Lifetime Value
Incrementality Modeling

Get the iROI contribution of your entire marketing mix with granularity & speed


  • Fast, monthly readouts
  • Granular
  • iROI (incremental ROI)
  • Observable, validated
  • AI trained: Impact Weight & Time to Impact
Matched Market Testing

Test any marketing channel or ad campaign & see true incremental lift

  • Deploy or holdout any channel or campaign
  • Automatically finds best matched markets
  • Difference of Differences Methodology: robust & real-world ready
  • Scalable; easy to launch one or more tests
  • Precise Lift % of your custom success metrics & iROI (incremental ROI) impact

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