Who We Are

Co-founded by an Ex-Googler & Aerospace Engineer, Bonsai knows how data drives material business results.

Matt Butler


Mike Remke


Our Story

Founded in February, 2020, Bonsai started as a project developed by two co-founders passionate about the power of data, innovation and technology in everyday lives, but frustrated by the waste and complexity generated by the existing technological ecosystem.

Why Digital Business, Marketing and Analytics?

Think about this: Factories reliably produce everything from buttons to automobiles at incredible scale, to exacting specifications, and have for hundreds of years.

So why does a modern multi-national enterprise armed with the world’s most sophisticated cloud and machine learning technology have poor answers to basic questions like how many customers they have, the value of a customer, or marketing campaign effectiveness?

The answer is that simply throwing all of the fancy manufacturing automation and technology in the world into a warehouse wouldn’t make a single car successfully on it’s own. And all of the digital marketing cloud technology in the world can’t solve business questions for you, either.

Manufacturers iterated the process of production for hundreds of years. These improvements are constantly evaluated – what went right, what went wrong, what steps could be changed, and what new concepts need testing. Proven methods are verified, and eventually codified.

Digital business, marketing and analytics suffers from a dearth of process. Sure, you will find thousands of “best practices” from various sources. What you won’t find are proven methods, reproducible tests, or established science.

And the allure of a “single platform that solves everything” increases adoption – signing up for another platform is easy! But more technology doesn’t solve the problem. It just means more incomplete data, inaccurate insight, privacy liability and decisioning delay.

We reject the idea that software alone adequately solves the real issues facing business. This attitude doesn’t win us many friends from mar-tech software marketing teams, but they misunderstand our view. We love their platforms! The issue isn’t “Which analytics service is better, Google or Adobe?” – the question is this: Given your business and customer objectives, what tech deployment and operating process best delivers return-on-investment and sustainable growth?

Answering this requires a deep cross-section of domain expertise: digital marketing and cloud technology, programmatic media, econometric modeling, lean manufacturing, architectural design, and change management. This expertise only comes from stress-tested practitioners versed in delivering real-world results.

Whether we partner to fix a single data pipeline, deploy an optimized process, or re-design your entire marketing technology strategy, our managed services deliver this blend of domain expertise to deliver true business transformation.

Our growing team of advisors, consultants, and technologists collaborate to help your firm eliminate waste today and risk tomorrow. Our current clients include small businesses and large public corporations, and we pride ourselves on being anything but one-sized-fits-all. Your Bonsai engagement will be completely unique to you.

Finally, we love our work, and we won’t just be here today. We are always evolving our process to be even stronger for you tomorrow.

Matt Butler


Ex-Googler of 12 years, Matt served the Retail, Consumer Goods, Restaurants, Travel, and Finance industries for over a decade, strategically planning billions in digital marketing investment over that time. Matt drove multi-billion realized revenues for his clients using analytics, statistical forecasting, auction modeling, cloud computing and machine learning.

Google’s exclusive digital analytics adviser for 40+ Fortune 500 companies, Matt served the likes of Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Kohl’s, Best Buy, and many more.

Matt designed & chaired digital ad auction curricula for Google’s global analytics teams. He’s also served as panelist & digital marketing analytics keynote speaker at dozens of academic events and industry conferences across three continents.

Mike Remke


With over 15 years of experience in Lean Manufacturing and Operations Management in the Aerospace and Defense market, Mike is passionate about improving the efficiency of business processes and eliminating waste. He has led several programs from concept to production, including flight controls and defense systems.

Mike has developed automation strategies to improve labor productivity and eliminate redundant processes in manufacturing and supply chain. He has extensive experience using process failure modes and effects analysis, leading Kaizen events and providing corporate level training.

An award-winning innovator, Mike is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.