Data Engineer

  • Full Time
  • Remote

Build the world’s best first-party analytics cloud 

As a Data Engineer, you will be responsible for making Bonsai’s Unified Customer Measurement backend and data warehousing the strongest available on the market. 


What You’ll Do:

At Bonsai, we take a modern approach to marketing solutions. As a Data Engineer, you will be responsible for making Bonsai’s Unified Customer Measurement backend and data warehousing the strongest available on the market. You will empower dozens of enterprise customers with the accurate analytics and data required to grow business outcomes using a world-class first party measurement approach.



  • Build data systems and pipelines using Bonsai’s Google Cloud Platform environment, including BigQuery, Cloud Functions
  • Prepare data for prescriptive and predictive modeling
  • Optimize data processing for algorithms, analytical pipelines and predictive analytics included in Bonsai’s Unified Customer Measurement platform
  • Analyze and organize data from raw ingestion through viable data pipelines, including staging, development and production
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and author new data extraction, transformation, and load processes and pipelines through Fivetran, Data Transfer Service, Cloud Functions, and more.
  • Collaborate with Bonsai’s Analytical Leads and Data Scientists on custom multi-touch attribution, incrementality models, and test measurement projects
  • Work with UX engineers to deploy best in class data visualizations and analysis in Bonsai’s Unified Customer Measurement platform.



  • Data Science: SQL, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, AWS, S3, Databricks, Snowflake, Python, Matplotlib, Pandas
  • ETL & ETL Platform Experience: Fivetran, Data Transfer Service, SFTP, API development & management, Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Data Product & Data Modeling: dbt
  • Machine Learning, Forecasting, and ML Operations experience  Preferred
  • Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Required
  • Written & oral communications



  • Align with Data Architect and Data Engineers to operate Bonsai’s BigQuery environment most effectively. 
  • Partner with Technical Program Managers to author the best Unified Customer Measurement backend for each client based upon their unique business data models.
  • Partner with our Analytical Leads  to best support custom analyses by building powerful backend flexibility and analytic breadth.
  • Work closely with Data Scientists to best serve predictive analytics and ML operations needs.
  • Partner with client data engineers to best design and deploy critical custom data connections with speed, accuracy and observability.


Your First 30 Days at Bonsai

  • You will be trained in marketing data, marketing platforms, and first-party data attribution.
  • You will shadow fellow Data Engineers to understand our backend environment.
  • You will learn about Bonsai’s unique first-party data approach and philosophy and how to use that in client conversations.
  • You will meet all of Bonsai’s team members and understand how we work virtually and in person for successful engagements.
  • You will work with our Data Architecture team and CTO to learn the technical requirements of our Unified Customer Measurement platform.


Your First 90 Days at Bonsai

  • You may begin building UCM solutions for new Bonsai clients.
  • You will continue to learn the Art of Bonsai: our approach, our solutions, and our standards for marketing consulting.


Measures of Success

  • 1-month end-to-end  onboarding of new clients onto Unified Customer Measurement
  • 99.99% uptime of customer data pipelines, analytic pipelines, and ML ops data pipelines.
  • Rapid adoption across current and future customers of the Unified Customer Measurement UI
  • Improved services scalability across Bonsai
  • Customer satisfaction across all UCM product solutions: multi-touch attribution, predictive algorithms and incrementality.


About Bonsai

At Bonsai, We measure and generate incremental value through 1P data so marketers drive true business growth, and decision-makers understand what really works.


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