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Marketing Technology Optimization

Share data across your organization & unleash the full potential of your tech.

The promise of marketing technologies is that they will make it easier to launch, measure impact, and drive more efficient spending of every marketing dollar. The reality is that competing, overlapping systems, often make it harder to launch successful integrated marketing campaigns.

Marketing success in this new hybrid marketing ecosystem depends on deep integrations across the entire technology stack.

Bonsai specializes in helping enterprises optimize their existing tech to seamlessly reach customers across physical and digital channels and in more personalized and targeted ways.

Do More with Less MarTech

Bonsai data strategy lets you optimize your stack and reduce complexity to maximize impact and ROI.

Integrate Your Tech To Better Connect.

You’ve got the makings of a world-class Marketing orchestra – all the right instruments and truly great talent – but you’re all out of sync.

Bonsai helps you direct your tech and synchronize your data so you can start making marketing music. We go beyond checking connectors and deeply integrate and optimize your entire stack so that every piece of your technology is completely tuned to your unique needs.

Reduce Complexity to Find Clarity.

The average marketing stack has over 17 tools and custom integration headaches. Even the largest enterprises really only need 5 to 6 right-fit, right-sized solutions to accomplish their goals. Seriously.

A well-tuned, simpler stack means more focus and better outcomes.

Bonsai releases your team from the mindless management of so many half-baked tech dashboards so you can act on what’s best to grow your digital business.

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Marketing Technology Can Be Your Biggest Business Growth Driver.

Bonsai helps enterprise leaders unlock the power of their marketing stacks to:

Migrate to first-party targeting at scale, all while increasing reach and business performance
Analyze and evaluate your unique ad technology footprint
Organize your technology portfolio into meaningful segments so you can see where you have coverage, and where you have waste.
Learn what each analytics tool and dataset is fit for, and how you should reconcile every report in your suite.
Build future-proof digital marketing technology strategies
Get visibility on your existing mix and deploy tech that retains the most customer reach without unintended duplication
Learn how your company can acquire new customers with fewer privacy vulnerabilities.
Prepare data architecture and digital business for a cookieless world

Understand, Integrate, & Optimize Your Entire Digital Ecosystem.

The Bonsai Difference

Bring your questions. We’ll find answers.
Working with Bonsai will help you:
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Bonsai is a different kind of marketing advisory. We’re a team of experts with a complete focus on finding you real answers to the business questions you need the most help with.

  • What about our current stack is working for us? What parts are slowing us down? 
  • How can our marketing technology better support our overall corporate vision and strategic initiatives?
  • Where is there redundancy or duplication that we should address? 
  • Are we maximizing our ROI across channels?
  • How do we know we’re measuring accurately? Are we measuring the right things?
  • Where are our blind spots? What are we leaving on the table?
  • Is our marketing speed keeping pace with the digital environment? 
  • How can we maximize conversions across physical and digital business channels?
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  • Future-proof digital marketing technology strategies that optimizes the first party data to your digital business
  • Integrity-first, tech-agnostic approach to MarTech design
  • Design services that guide you from tech waste to optimized functionality
  • Does not require you to change your tech to improve performance
  • Simplifies tech, improves data fidelity and lowers barriers
  • Committed to maximize every dollar you spend

Custom MarTech Design

Spend less time and money investing in tools that don’t deliver actionable results. Engage with customers and open doors to new opportunities with Bonsai.

Proven MarTech Design Purpose-Built for You

Tech-Agnostic Optimization

Bonsai learns your business and supercharges your stack to unlock the next level of business growth for your unique business model.

Trusted & Committed Partners

Bonsai isn’t brand-bound nor do we work from service models that incentivize vanity metrics or dollars spent. We’re 100% committed to your success, 100% of the time.

Advisory & Implementation Together

Bonsai isn’t just consultants who assess and leave. We’ve got daily eyes on your accounts to make the right recommendations when it matters most.

Bonsai MarTech Services

Martech Design

Marketing Strategy

Technology Ecosystem Curation

Tech & Teams Optimization

Technology Agnostic Data Strategy

Managed Data Warehousing

Analytics Audit & Tagging

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Accelerate Profits

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Generate New Revenue

Drive Business Growth

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Real World Results

Leading global brands are maximizing their impact with Bonsai’s digital marketing performance solutions.

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Bonsai has been instrumental in thoughtfully assessing the current status of operations in Ancestry marketing, recommending solutions, and helping us implement them.

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Marissa Hagmeyer, COO, Neat Method

Bonsai has worked closely with our entire team to join all of our data into a complete, unified view of the business. They have provided key insights to help us improve our operations and efficiency.

Cultivate a robust and resilient marketing ecosystem.

We take the burden off of your team and give you an objective, practitioner view of your digital performance so you can reveal opportunity and achieve unprecedented results for your business.

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