Revenue Generation

Drive Revenue in Real-Time

Bonsai can work to help you tune and optimize any custom or COTS solution to help you improve your marketing performance and drive digital business. Whether you’re dealing with a stack that’s riddled with legacy solutions or just have a complex stack that you need help making work better for you, we’re here to help.

Customers transition rapidly across laptops, various mobile devices and social apps. They shop in storefront apps and engage with physical storefronts. Standard funnel approaches or attribution models can’t handle this complexity. Marketers need a way to understand how their customers are arriving at a purchase, no matter what path brought them there.

Bonsai’s Unified Customer Measurement and attribution models enable marketing, revenue and sales teams to have a single trusted picture of the digital business. We help them see the individual tracks customers are traveling within the brand’s broader digital footprint.

See what’s really happening. Know what’s truly working.

Bonsai knows how to instrument your technology to optimize your attribution and measurement so that you can support revenue objectives.

  • Align sales and marketing to work towards the common goal of generating revenue
  • Generate more sales-qualified leads and more efficiently drop customers into your funnels
  • See hybrid and accurate attribution of sales to campaign specifics for replication
  • Get practical insight on the drivers that aid smooth customer journeys across the funnel
  • Enable Marketing and customer behavior to be measured even after leads pass to sales
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Maximize Every Dollar & Gain Every Insight.

Bonsai unifies business data and empowers enterprise teams to see true performance and spot emerging opportunities in real-time.

Dial in your MarTech so you can:

  • Better understand your target audiences and their buying cycles
  • Identify the barriers keeping customers from completing actions
  • Bring transparency across teams so the entire business can learn and adapt
  • Get performance feedback and practical business insights in real-time
  • More accurately measure performance of campaigns across hybrid channels
  • Fuse business information with campaign data for rich business impact intelligence

Leading enterprises trust Bonsai

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Audrey Bower, Director of Marketing Analytics, Ancestry

Bonsai has been instrumental in thoughtfully assessing the current status of operations in Ancestry marketing, recommending solutions, and helping us implement them.

Expert, Custom MarTech Design & A Fully-Managed Service Model

Bonsai is a trusted partner to alleviate technology friction so you can better engage with your customers and unlock new opportunities.

Our Approach & Process


We unify your business use proven data science methods and better analytics to arrive at understanding.


We bring data strategy to your marketing and create smarter audience segments and strategies that optimize acquisition, curation and retention.


We take a scientific approach and help you test and find how to best engage and activate customers where and when it matters.


We use a proprietary measurement platform, tailored to provide unique decision-support for you — in real-time.

Learn from every dollar and supercharge your team.

Our market technology optimization solutions enable enterprises to maximize marketing dollars and teams time. Book a call with our Data Analytics team to learn how Bonsai can help you grow revenue better than ever across your digital business.