Data Strategy That Drives

Digital Marketing Performance

Finding the digital throughlines to engage with customers has become complex for modern marketers.

Rapidly changing consumer behaviors, supply chain bottlenecks, and evolving privacy laws are just a few of the competing forces  complicating efforts to maintain, regain or achieve digital edge.

Trying to advance brand strategy and remain focused on how to best connect with customers across the kaleidoscope of channels is exhausting. Marketing platforms provide a plethora of statistics for teams to sift through, but offer limited line of sight to measures that can be directly tied to growing the business.

Bonsai fuses data strategy with cutting edge data science to supercharge digital marketing performance enabling your teams and platforms to better drive bottom line results across the business.

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Precision Performance. Holistic Impact.

Imagine working with reconciled, unified clean business data every day — knowing the unique data points and specific channels are verifiably contributing to tangible value. Get that with a partner that has your back. That’s Bonsai.

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Measure Outcomes. Unify Data.

We’ll help you get the most out of your performance marketing budget and don’t do things the lazy way. Vanity metrics and performance fluff that doesn’t improve the business. We take a holistic approach that empowers marketing and sales teams, garnering trust from practitioners all the way to the board room.

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Your Digital Marketing Performance Can Become Your Secret Superpower & Unique Edge.

Bonsai builds unique marketing to deliver maximize results for your unique business.

Focused on results, not fees: We help you get the most out of your marketing budget in ways that drive profitability for you, not us.
Future-proof digital marketing technology: Strategies that optimize the first-party data to your digital business.
Integrity-first: Tech-agnostic approach to digital marketing performance.
Improve digital customer experience: In ways that drive results and don’t require dev or engineering to implement.
No change in legacy tech: Does not require you to change your tech to improve performance.
Work with current technologies: To build automated, value-based investment impact measurement.

Maximize performance while creating new advantages.

The Bonsai Difference

Bring your questions. We’ll find answers.
Working with Bonsai will help you:
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Bonsai is focused first and foremost on delivering ambitious change management and data insights, not simply advising or selling solutions.

  • What about our digital marketing is working? What’s not?
  • Are we maximizing our ROI across channels?
  • Where can we find cost savings? How do we know we’re cutting the right things?
  • How do we know we’re measuring accurately? Are we measuring the right things?
  • Where are our blind spots? What are we leaving on the table?
  • Is our marketing speed keeping pace with the digital environment?
  • How can performance marketing support our overall corporate vision and strategic initiatives?
  • How can we maximize conversions across physical and digital business channels?
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  • Leverage First-Party Data to navigate the changing privacy ecosystem
  • Lean into contextual advertising
  • Build trust with transparency and value
  • Engage consumers in real-time
  • Fine-tune eCommerce and mobile strategy
  • Get smarter real-time campaign optimization and closed-loop measurement
  • Migrate to first-party targeting at scale, all while increasing reach and business performance

Our Approach & Process


We unify your business use proven data science methods and better analytics to arrive at understanding.


We bring data strategy to your marketing and create smarter audience segments and strategies that optimize acquisition, curation and retention.


We take a scientific approach and help you test and find how to best engage and activate customers where and when it matters.


We use a proprietary measurement platform, tailored to provide unique decision-support for you — in real-time.

Proven Performance Marketing Purpose-Built for You

Algorithms Optimized for Your Results

Bonsai’s proprietary bidding algorithms unlock incremental profits for any business model.

Trusted & Committed Partners

Bonsai doesn’t tie service fees to media investment percentages – we succeed when your business succeeds.

Advisory & Implementation Together

Bonsai isn’t just consultants who assess and leave. We’ve got daily eyes on your accounts to make the right recommendations when it matters most.

Service Features

Marketing Data Strategy
Incrementality & Analytics
Growth Strategy
Forecasting & Predictive Modeling
Managed Data Warehousing
Causal Attribution
Digital Media Management
Audience Segmentation & Automation

Better Results With

Benefits for the Entire Business


in total client savings (and counting)

Accelerate Profits

Reduce Costs

Generate New Revenue

Drive Business Growth

Transition to GA4

Real World Results

Leading global brands are maximizing their impact with Bonsai’s digital marketing performance solutions.

Make your marketing perform for you.

Take the burden off of your team and gain an objective view of your digital performance to achieve unprecedented results for your business.

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