Migrate Your Data Collection from UA to GA4

Universal Analytics is the foundation of most digital marketing models. When Universal Analytics sunsets, you’ll need to rely solely on Google Analytics 4 data.

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Migrating to GA4 early is important for a few reasons. First, it’s a good idea to gather as much historical data as possible before the UA sunset so that you don’t have any data gaps that might result in blind spots or data distortions. Second, switching early lets you collect better first party data to optimize against now, ensuring you are ahead of your competition’s campaigns when they lose access to most of their third-party conversion data.

Benefits of GA4

GA4 is a serious shift with a serious upside — when done and timed right.

Flexible Measurement

GA4’s measurement is more flexible than the one used by GA3

Cross Platform Functionality

You can use GA4 for your website, mobile app, and a combination of the two together

Roll-up Reporting

Aggregated reporting is built in so you can see the full picture in a single view

Reliable Data

GA4’s reporting more sophisticated schemas are more accurate than GA3

Cross-device Insights

Attribution and customer journey mapping across devices is much more precise

Better & Easier Event Tracking

Robust cross device and cross-platform tracking is built-in and enhanced measurement features are automated – no need for additional coding/tagging

Tracks Engagement & Complex Conversions

More sophisticated conversion tracking is built-in so you can gain more insights and easily optimize for any important conversion event types

Privacy-first Compliance

Sensitive data remains protected and within new privacy law regulations

Cross-domain Tracking

See how users are browsing and behaving in your ecosystem without leaving the GA platform

Predictive Metrics

Machine learning algorithms measure conversion progress so you see and act in real-time based on real customer data and behaviors

GA4 can undo your digital business or become your proprietary advantage.

Marketing leaders can maintain and increase digital advantage during a GA4 migration when they:

  • Optimize digital business revenue models to rely on first party data
  • Evaluate current UA implementation to inform your ideal GA4 implementation
  • Implement dual tagging across GA4 and UA
  • Setup Transition Reporting and enable enterprise teams to align migration work
  • Ensure performance marketing doesn’t result in loss of revenue or marketplace standing
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Leading enterprises trust Bonsai

Bill Kiss Headshot

Bill Kiss, Chief Digital Officer, Ace Hardware

We needed a partner who not only understands the digital marketing ecosystem, but who also knows how to leverage data to validate the impact our Google Ads investment has across both our national online and local retail businesses. Bonsai brings a world-class strategic approach and provides key insights that enables our senior leadership team to confidently act on to help us continue our drive towards establishing a true connected retail strategy.

Kevin O‘Flaherty Headshot

Kevin O‘Flaherty, O’FLAHERTY LAW

Top-notch customer service and intelligent business solutions. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

Anonymous Headshot


Bonsai has been instrumental in thoughtfully assessing the current status of operations in Ancestry marketing, recommending solutions, and helping us implement them. I have been really impressed with the insights that Bonsai has shared based on meetings with internal team members.

Ian Epstein Headshot


Bonsai has been tremendous to work with. Their attention to detail and expertise in the field of paid search marketing has been extremely beneficial. I would recommend them to any growing online business.

Silhouette of a man

Chris Duncan, VP Consumer Insights & Digital Marketing, Claire’s

Bonsai Data Solutions identified gaps in our first-party data and provided Claire’s with a framework to activate and unify customer data for our most important marketing campaigns.

Todd Pollak, Chief Commercial Officer, Ancestry

Bonsai not only made us better, but  pushed us to think in ways we never would have identified ourselves.

Anonymous Headshot

Marissa Hagmeyer, COO, Neat Method

Bonsai has worked closely with our entire team to join all of our data into a complete, unified view of the business. They have provided key insights to help us improve our operations and efficiency.

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Alex Koh, Product Operations Manager, Alkeme Health

The Bonsai Team has been instrumental in helping our organization get set up with foundational elements of business intelligence and strategy development. They’ve been a joy to work with, a diligent team, and a consistent group of people to work with. I feel at peace & reassured about where we are today as an org as well as the road ahead; this is all thanks to our partnership and work with Bonsai.

Our Approach & Process

A Transparent, Technical & Fully-Managed Service Model

While many marketers feel nervous about making the leap to GA4, Bonsai is here to help. If your company is already using Google Tag Manager, migrating to GA4 can be a seamless and straightforward process. Even if your business is not using a tag management solution like GTM, Bonsai can ensure that you’re collecting all the data you need to be capturing in your GA4 setup. Regardless of your current GA4 readiness, Bonsai will help you optimize your entire analytics landscape so that your new GA4 setup is built around your existing UA data collection.

Bonsai’s GA4 Migration Process


Current Analytics Assessment

Bonsai will audit your existing Google properties across UA and GTM to determine what data will be essential in GA4 for your digital business to meet your objectives.

  • Analytics Assessment
  • GA3 & GA4 Configuration
  • Google Tag Manager

GA4 Migration Mapping

Bonsai will create a high-fidelity map of your business and customer journey to determine the ideal GA4 setup for your environment.

  • Business Analysis & Reporting
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Conversion Optimization

GA4 Implementation

We will ensure that your final GA4 setup is best configured to achieve your business goals and maximize your first-party data opportunities.

  • Custom Dashboarding & Business Intelligence

Container Configuration

Bonsai will manage the set up of your new GTM container(s) and GA4 properties, which includes testing and debugging of all new tracking. We will work as closely as you prefer in this process and will walk you through a guided review and sign-off before deployment of any changes.

  • Google 360 Suite Support
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Measurement Frameworks

Stay ahead of change and use GA4 disruption to your advantage.

Book a call with our Data Analytics team to learn how Bonsai can help you migrate to GA4 with confidence.