Data Strategy

Align Your Data, Technology & People

Data is a company’s most valuable asset. But simply more data does not necessarily mean more results or better insight. It must be collected, consolidated, and then activated with analytics and data science to become valuable.

A data strategy turns the volumes of data pouring into your enterprise ecosystem into a value-generating asset. It not only makes your marketing data available and actionable to stakeholders, a good data strategy can become the engine that powers and accelerates your entire enterprise.

This is the core of what Bonsai does. Our team of marketers and technologists come alongside you to help you find near-term and long-term ways to better leverage your systems and data — to experience improved performance and better customer engagement.

Get a clear plan and trusted guidance on getting more value out of your data and technology.

Data Strategy Drives Your Digital Advantage.

We believe…

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Data needs a strategy to become an asset.

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Marketing needs data science  to become intelligent.

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Technology needs cultivation to be truly effective.

We deliver…

  • Data strategy that’s a direct source of competitive advantage.
  • Effective data strategy that accelerates renewal and growth.
  • Strategy, data science, marketing analytics and BI that all works together.
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Data strategy generates revenue & supports growth.

Bonsai can help you create a data strategy that is purpose-built to remove common barriers that hold teams back.
Lack of trust in your data
Unrealized ROI from poor tech use
Disparate data sources and manual data collection
Departmental data silos
Duplicative technologies or complex workflows
Poor data quality
Heavy reliance on spreadsheets
Noninstrumented analytics
Slow decision-making
Unhelpful business intelligence
Lack of self-service capabilities
No data governance or risk compliance
Inability to scale existing solutions

Technologies We Work With

We’ve worked with almost everything and know how to work with even the most bespoke solutions or stack. No matter what you’re dealing with, we can make sure you’re taking full advantage of the benefits available across your entire data stack.

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A Fully-Managed Data Strategy-as-a-Service Advisory

Bonsai helps you identify and implement technology changes that can better support your strategy goals. We can come in at any stage and work with whatever tech setup you have to help increase your impact.

Objective & Precise

Our approach is technology agnostic and leverages proven data science to help you understand and improve your business.


Bonsai isn’t just consultants who assess and leave. We’ve got daily eyes on your accounts to make the right moves when it matters most.

True Partners

Bonsai helps see where to change and help you get there. We are right there with you every step of the way and are committed to your success.

Data Strategy Services

Whether you are creating a brand new data strategy, need a plan to refine your existing data strategy, need help executing your data strategy, or just want expert insight on a specific initiative, Bonsai can help.

  • Data Strategy Assessment
  • Data Strategy Refinement and Execution
  • Tool, Technology & Architecture Recommendations
  • Data Science Readiness Assessment
  • Data Governance Advisory
  • Executive Data Advisory Services
  • Marketing Technology Strategy

Leading enterprises trust Bonsai

Bill Kiss Headshot

Bill Kiss, Chief Digital Officer, Ace Hardware

We needed a partner who not only understands the digital marketing ecosystem, but who also knows how to leverage data to validate the impact our Google Ads investment has across both our national online and local retail businesses. Bonsai brings a world-class strategic approach and provides key insights that enables our senior leadership team to confidently act on to help us continue our drive towards establishing a true connected retail strategy.

Kevin O‘Flaherty Headshot

Kevin O‘Flaherty, O’FLAHERTY LAW

Top-notch customer service and intelligent business solutions. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

Audrey Bower, Senior Director, Strategic Business Operations & Global Marketing Analytics, Ancestry

Bonsai has been instrumental in thoughtfully assessing the current status of operations in Ancestry marketing, recommending solutions, and helping us implement them. I have been really impressed with the insights that Bonsai has shared based on meetings with internal team members.

Ian Epstein Headshot


Bonsai has been tremendous to work with. Their attention to detail and expertise in the field of paid search marketing has been extremely beneficial. I would recommend them to any growing online business.

Marissa Hagmeyer, COO, Neat Method

Bonsai has worked closely with our entire team to join all of our data into a complete, unified view of the business. They have provided key insights to help us improve our operations and efficiency.

Chris Duncan, VP Consumer Insights & Digital Marketing, Claire’s

Bonsai Data Solutions identified gaps in our first-party data and provided Claire’s with a framework to activate and unify customer data for our most important marketing campaigns.

Alex Koh, Product Operations Manager, Alkeme Health

The Bonsai Team has been instrumental in helping our organization get set up with foundational elements of business intelligence and strategy development. They’ve been a joy to work with, a diligent team, and a consistent group of people to work with. I feel at peace & reassured about where we are today as an org as well as the road ahead; this is all thanks to our partnership and work with Bonsai.

Todd Pollak, Chief Commercial Officer, Ancestry

Bonsai not only made us better, but  pushed us to think in ways we never would have identified ourselves.

Our Approach & Process

Assess & Understand

Modern Marketing Assessment

Bonsai’s 71-point assessment solves critical questions and provides full transparency at every step.

Validate & Implement

Managed Solutions Implementation

Bonsai takes a phased solutions approach to implementing your data strategy and tuning your technologies.

Talk data strategy with an expert.

Book a call with a Bonsai Data Strategist who can review your challenges and help create a clear roadmap for a more data-driven enterprise.