Cost Savings

Reduce Waste and Duplication to Maximize Your Impact

Costs are rising everywhere and customers are becoming more price-conscious than ever. Controlling business costs during recessionary inflation means businesses must get smarter about how they are using resources and allocating their marketing dollars.

One of the best ways to absorb the impact of rising costs is streamlining your marketing technologies to maximize every customer touchpoint. Most technology stacks have redundancy and waste that when cut free up resources and time for teams to drive results.

Bonsai can help identify and reduce the waste and complexity that is weighing your business down so you can be more agile and effective.

Find cost savings hiding in your data & tech stack.

Bonsai can find opportunities to increase your marketing performance – regardless of what stack or configuration you’re working with.

  • Know your measuring and tracking the right things
  • See where tech overlap exists to save money
  • Identify the key drivers and touchpoints of your digital business
  • See which marketing channels drive the most profitability
  • Integrate and align eCommerce and mobile strategy
  • Increase conversions and personalize customer engagement
  • Enhance the digital experience and shorten time to purchase
  • Unify and distribute business data to inform more decisions
  • Enable pipeline optimization and sophisticated sales forecasting

Data Strategy and Marketing Solutions That Eliminate Bloat & Reveal Growth

Get immediate insights that drive intuitive decisions using data you already own.

Reduce waste, eliminate data risk, and increase customer acquisition. Bonsai helps you simplify your tech, better leverage your data, and streamline ops.

Verify performance marketing is measurably driving profitable growth. Bonsai’s platform-agnostic, measurement-first approach creates transparency and understanding across the business.

Bonsai connects your digital ecosystem and enables your data to be consolidated and actionable.

Leading enterprises trust Bonsai

Gray female silhouette

Audrey Bower, Director of Marketing Analytics, Ancestry

Bonsai has been instrumental in thoughtfully assessing the current status of operations in Ancestry marketing, recommending solutions, and helping us implement them.

Improve profitability and reveal ROI in your digital marketplace.

Bonsai brings expertise earned at Google, Boeing and NASA to help companies in every sector find better ways to connect with customers and drive revenue. Book a call with the Bonsai team to learn how we can optimize your tech for your online business.