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Marketing Analytics & BI

If you aren’t receiving results, is your performance marketing really performing?

It doesn’t matter how great a plan looks on paper if it doesn’t get the conversions you’re looking for.

Figuring out weeks or months from now that the money you’re pumping into a campaign today should have been reallocated somewhere else is too late.

Being “data-driven” often means driving your own data manually. The amount of time collecting information and unifying data streams into a format that teams can finally use to target events and promotions is completely ridiculous.

Hand-jamming spreadsheets together on a daily and weekly basis is no way to operate.

Bonsai properly configures and optimizes real-time marketing analytics and business intelligence tools to drive growth and revenue for digital business.

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Work Smarter, Faster & With More Certainty

Bonsai helps marketers see better answers to the key questions that actually make a difference, right there in the systems you’re already using.

Bonsai ensures BI dashboards and analytics are configured to always ask the right questions from your data so you can act in real-time.

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Right-timed Insights Eliminate the Need for “Growth Hacks

You can’t launch a successful next campaign if you’re working with stale data and targeting a digital acre that your customers have already moved on from.

Bonsai instruments your analytics engines and views so that you can send the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Expertly-Configured Data Analytics & BI Dashboards, Optimized for Your Exact Goals.

Your unique business demands tailored analytics to reap maximum results.

Ask the right questions

  • Make data-driven, quality business decisions in real-time
  • Enhance performance and react faster to changing preferences and trends.

Better define and target your key demographics.

  • Unify business data and get a complete view of your customers across every channel
  • Organize multi-channel streams to create more actionable data
  • Build a complete view of target customers
  • Better define audiences and thus target them more easily by looking for the right metrics.

Improve the Quality and Speed of Reports

  • Fully-automated marketing data warehouses powered by Google Cloud and BigQuery eliminate wasted data collection and unification time

The Bonsai Difference

Bring your questions. We’ll find answers.
Why working with us is different.
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Unlike most advisories, Bonsai understands the first principle of data analytics and how to make your business intelligence result in smarter decisions.

  • Is my data accurate? Can we just trust?
  • Does my data line up with other systems?
  • What’s missing? Do we have the full picture?
  • Is the data we’re using meaningful?
  • What can we measure and analyze to get more meaningful results?
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  • Focused on results, not fees: We help you enhance your data strategy and analytics and react better and faster to changing preferences and trends.
  • Technology expertise and business strategy understanding: We can identify the key features of your critical audience segments revealing opportunities to send the right message to the right people at the right time.
  • Bespoke data strategies: Bonsai helps you optimize analytics and business intelligence tools so you can visualize their data in actionable ways, and see where to go next. 

Our Approach & Process

Modern Marketing Assessment

Bonsai’s 71-point assessment solves critical questions and evaluates your teams, tech, intelligence and activation.

Managed Marketing Data Warehousing

Along with custom, cloud-based business intelligence built just for you. 

Bring Data Science to Your Analytics and BI

A Different Level of Business Intelligence

Bonsai asks the right questions. We are experienced practitioners who know what questions to ask, how to define true success and how to instrument and measure what really matters for the business.

Your-Tech Not “Our Tech”

Bonsai’s tech-agnostic approach means we’re working to make things work for you. We’re not tied to any brand or ecosystem and configure and optimize everything for your unique business needs.

Analytics Services

Business Intelligence Reporting
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Analytics Audit & Tagging
Total Business Intelligence
Financial Forecasting
Forecasting & Predictive Modeling
Managed Data Warehousing
GA360 Custom Deployment
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Real World Results

Discover how leading brands are maximizing growth success with Bonsai’s measurement strategy solutions.

Get practical insights that deliver a marketplace edge.

Stop spending your time stitching together spreadsheets so your team can start seeing practical insights in real-time that can be leveraged for growth.

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