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Reducing Media Waste For A 13-Year-Old Google Account

Rubber Tracks Experts (RTW) is a leading distributor of rubber tracks, established in Asia, now serving the United States with multiple stocking locations.

Problem Overview

Rubber Tracks Experts (RTE) came to Bonsai last year requesting an audit of their Google Ads account to improve performance. RTE had 13 years of owner-managed Google Ads, with occasional assistance from outside help. Recommendations from outside often included adding hundreds of keywords to increase performance, or bidding up during off-season to drive traffic.

Bonsai’s Approach

While important, we understand keywords are only part of the puzzle in our Google Ads Bid Algorithm.


Bonsai analyses day of the week, time of day, location, and user search intent to find the best value for the right customer at the right time.


Using all of these ingredients, Bonsai finds the best value click at the right price, reaching more customers with an appetite to convert.


The answer doesn’t just mean adding keywords or increasing budgets but maximizing Google’s technologies to drive the most value possible for every dollar invested.

Know the Client & the Goals

What does it matter if you get a click to your website if there is no positive outcome from that click? Bonsai builds a custom measurement platform unique to your business to best measure results. Ad calls, site click-to-calls, chat bot interactions, request forms, online commerce, or integrations with any point-of-sale pipeline are all core to our service. Knowing your business is the essential step in our process. What did this mean for RTE?  Bonsai identified that the highest value came from a customer phone call. Bonsai then curated the ads to value phone calls above other conversions, which unlocked exponential return growth for RTE. Our performance marketing service starts with establishing a proper measurement platform to verify we are getting the best outcomes per dollar spent.


Since Bonsai started managing RTE’s Google Ads, YOY in total CPCs are down 26%, spend down 19%, clicks up 10%, and phone calls up 1889% with a continued positive trajectory. We cannot wait to see how the busy season unfolds with Bonsai’s approach to a legacy Google Ads business.


increase in calls


reduction in spend

YOY Spend & Call Volume

Spend down 19% and call volume up 1889%.

Call Volume Before Bonsai
Call Volume After Bonsai
Spend Before Bonsai
Spend After Bonsai

YOY Clicks & Call Volume

Clicks up 10% while calls up 1889% showing exponential growth in traffic quality.

Call Volume Before Bonsai
Call Volume After Bonsai
Clicks Before Bonsai
Clicks After Bonsai

Average Cost Per Click

CPCs down 26% YOY since Bonsai.

Call Volume Before Bonsai
Call Volume After Bonsai

Spend & Cost Per Call Improvements

Cost per phone call down 96%

Cost Per Phone Call Before Bonsai
Cost Per Phone Call After Bonsai
Spend Before Bonsai
Spend After Bonsai

Why Bonsai?

With experience from Google, Boeing, and Home Depot Retail Operations, Bonsai works with you to create the best customer acquisition plan for your performance marketing program.  As much as we talk about savings and reducing waste as a mantra at Bonsai, we believe the most critical business metric is customer acquisition cost, no matter how good analytics or algorithms can be.

We are there with daily eyes on your account to make recommendations for weekly, monthly, and even daily plans should spikes happen. Bonsai will help you get the most out of your performance marketing budget. At Bonsai, client service is our focus, and we will do whatever it takes to answer questions about your business needs, even when they fall outside of the scope of a performance marketing program.

Ever used paid search as a marketing channel before? We are experts in setting your account up and delivering the most value per dollar. We include a measurement dashboard that gives you daily performance above and beyond what platforms offer out of the box.

The Art of Bonsai is shaping and cultivating a tree to mimic the scale of fully mature trees. That is the philosophy behind our business. We provide your business with the same operational excellence as an enterprise company, no matter the size. Learn how we can help you and sign up for our Google Bid Optimization trial today.