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Do you know you’ve got the right tools in your stack and the right setup for performance?

Enterprise MarTech is a kaleidoscope of 10,000+ tools that make a lot of noise but solve very few business problems.

Good solutions are often being deployed incorrectly and many tools are completely incapable of answering basic questions that inform the decisions leaders need to make each day.

Bonsai’s Free MarTech Assessment reveals the efficacy of your digital business as it exists today.

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Get objective answers on important questions:

  • See if configuration or connection issues are causing you to miss revenue opportunities
  • Find if there are tech redundancies and get guidance on which tools should be kept or killed
  • Identify which tools enable data to be activated across marketing channels most efficiently
  • Determine if current database unifies customer data and insights across the business
  • Connect ROI to tools to better gauge if renewing contracts is worth it
  • Know which tools haven’t met expectations or delivered results to date based on needs/use cases
  • Discover gaps in functionality that prevent you from successfully connecting with audiences
  • Identify data risk issues to avoid compliance issues with privacy laws.
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