A few weeks ago I attended Google’s Annual Cloud Next Conference in Las Vegas.

This was a little different than your typical ‘meet leads, book meetings’ type of conference. We went to see what was going on in our space – with our tech, on our tools, and in our ecosystems.

Here are some key takeaways I think you should know.

1. ‘Generative AI’ is Bonsai’s Jargon of the Year  

The buzz phrase at Google Next was undoubtedly ‘Generative AI,’ but are all brands ready to implement it? Our SAAS/Cloud Software has introduced the term into its software and selling, but it may not reign true to its meaning and value. At Bonsai, we have a monopoly on meaning & value with GCP-backed first-party measurement & algorithms, expertise, and generative capabilities. Admittedly, we have a long road ahead of us, but going to market and using these trending topics will prove beneficial. 

2. Hyperbole vs. Hyperspeed 

With new tech comes great advantages. Take Gemini for example: A language model capable of helping marketers iterate, ship, and innovate at incredible speeds if willing to lean in. At Bonsai, we’re thinking more about how to make our new product, Overstory, conversational. Our clients ask us amazing questions about their data, measurement, and marketing mix…but what if they could ask our Product?

3. Bonsai’s Google Cloud Platform Partnership 

Despite our modest spend on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we had several people come to our GCP Sales Discovery & Support Meeting, along with DoIT. We showed them GrowthLoop, a composable, user interface-driven customer data platform bringing clients into their own Big Query Data Warehouse with an audience and buying capability you don’t need a data science team to crack.

We told the truth: We can do what GrowthLoop does, but better.

There are many cool companies out there doing some ingenious work. We’re now back to the drawing board to see how we can make our automated algorithm for Google Ads more accessible on Google Cloud Marketplace, while our partners DoIT and Google Cloud Platform are actively helping us bring this to life.

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