Case Study

Defining PropSwap's Digital Space

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Imagine an Ebay for sports bets. PropSwap, an online sports betting platform, allows sports bettors to buy and sell sportsbook tickets through their online marketplace. Through our partnership, PropSwap was able to:

Decrease customer cost per-acquisition by 50%

Increased new users 200% year-over-year

From no visibility to complete customer and business intelligence through Bonsai in under 6 months

"Bonsai has been tremendous to work with. Their attention to detail and expertise in the field of paid search marketing has been extremely beneficial for PropSwap. I would recommend them to any growing online business."
Ian Epsein
Co Founder, PropSwap

Problem Overview

PropSwap came to Bonsai with an experience that was:

  • Absent in the digital space
  • Struggling to generate new users
  • Focused on high-spend radio advertising
  • Reliant on in-person casino and sporting events hit-hard by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic


Bonsai launched a full digital customer acquisition strategy and execution across every major performance channel. We optimized ROAS across all channels, identifying pockets where radio could increase results as well. Business intelligence resides at the core of Bonsai. We built up a fully-functioning and results-driven business intelligence model for PropSwap.


Search & Display

Once up and running on Google Search, we guided PropSwap through the regulatory process.

Customer-value bidding models

PropSwap resides in a highly competitive space with online sportsbooks that have substantial budgets. Our bidding algorithm ingested all digital ad exposure and touchpoint data to find the best prospects and audiences across platforms and resulted at CPCs 1/3 the price competitors pay.

Email marketing

By deploying our custom audiences to their email campaign, we were able to increase customer retention by 33%. We streamlined their promotional pipeline so that PropSwap is targeting the correct audience with a custom promotion.

Measurement and KPIs

We took on the challenge of measuring the radio impact as one would measure the impact of a CPC campaign. We identified definitive data connections tying customer outcomes online to each unique radio spot, and developed a framework to define betting media management, making it possible for PropSwap to know which sporting events were driving new customer acquisition and improving customer retention.

Audience development

We built sophisticated audience lists around website activity for remarketing purposes.

Pyxis Attribution

With Pyxis, our proprietary measurement platform, we ingested all online and offline marketing data to tie customer interactions to business success. We developed tracking to understand the lifetime value of a customer and the behavioral patterns of buyers and sellers using first-party data.


In addition to the digital space, our understanding of non-digital marketing channels helped PropSwap make decisions and negotiate the best contracts for offline media.

What's Next

PropSwap continues to expand as we increase their capacity for marketing, grow the scope of their email program and promotions, and in collaboration with their growing base of investors, embark on new key communication efforts. Following their partnership with Bonsai in December 2020, PropSwap had two consecutive rounds of successful funding.