Performance Marketing

Our services draw inspiration from the art of Bonsai – precision measurement and holistic design create beautiful results.

Service Features

Tailored Solutions to Grow Your Business

Strategic Partnership

Tired of having to pay higher service fees for every new channel or dollar spent?

Platform Agnostic Performance Media

Unsure what marketing channels are even right for your business?

Connected Data & Custom Measurement

Tired of conflicting performance reports? "Conversions" not reconciling with your bottom line?

Client Success

Let the numbers speak for themselves. See how we’ve helped our customers improve their business.

0 %

Call volume up 1,889%


Cost per call down 96%

0 %

Clicks up 4,665%


Cost per clicks down 91%


Cost per clicks 16% below industry benchmark

0 %

Cost per action 87% below industry benchmark

Platform Agnostic Performance Media

NO% of Media Spend Fees

We don’t just add more media channels to increase performance. We truly partner with you and assess what’s working and what’s not. Bonsai will help you get the most out of your performance marketing budget.

Platform-Agnostic & No % of Media Spend Fees

Our proprietary bidding algorithms unlock incremental profits for any business model across platforms.

Website Speed Enhancements

As page load goes from one second to ten seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases by 123%. You don't need a large development team or six-figure technology budget to dramatically improve your page load speeds. We evaluate your current deployment, prioritize immediate actions, improve customer experience, and get results.

Strategic Partnerships

Bonsai works with you to create the customer acquisition plan that best suits your business.

At Bonsai, we will do whatever it takes to learn about your business needs and deliver results – even if it falls outside the scope of your performance marketing program.

Whether the critical KPI is revenue, call volume, leads, margin, or pure profit, we are there with daily eyes on your accounts to make recommendations when it matters most.

Connected Data & Custom Measurement

We work with your current technology and build automated, value-based investment impact measurement.

Unified Data &
Multi Touch Attribution

Don’t spend valuable time struggling to understand how marketing is performing for your business.We work with your current technology and bring disparate and inconsistent data together to tell the full story of how people interact with your marketing efforts across every channel.

1st Party Data - Eliminate 3rd party data Risk

Relying on 3rd party data puts your business at risk. We use 1st party data, no 3rd party tracking pixels, tags, beacons, or code.