The Bonsai MDPR: Customer Data in Performance Marketing

Apple’s IDFA consent rules are bringing customer data compliance to the top of mind for marketers lately.   I am excited to see digital marketing’s journey to this era of customer data stewardship.  We recently released our updated Marketing Data Proliferation Report, and I am pleased to see that there is an industry decrease in gathering customer data.  The bad news is we are still sharing too much customer data that we do have with third parties. 

This Ad Did Make Me Feel Good About My Pick

I am not here to argue against remarketing as a tool.  If someone shows interest in your business you certainly want to reach out till they make the conversion.  But when does this become too much?  I recently started playing Yahoo Fantasy Hockey, and I got an ad on Twitter for betting on one of the players I drafted.  Now I hope that is just a coincidence, but I am always suspicious of the programmatic ad robots.  

To think for the past 15 years we operated on the idea of finding your potential customer and tailoring a message with that precision.  We lost sight of the line between intelligent targeting and creepy.  I do see the light at the end of this dark tunnel.  But there is still work to be done in the caring for our customer’s data.

At Bonsai we believe in reducing the third party connectors. We move all ad measurement and marketing mix decisions into first party systems.  Companies are still stacking marketing tech on top of marketing tech to gain an edge in the digital marketing ecosystem.  We found a marketing technology in our recent report whose messaging was “we violate Google Analytics Privacy Policy”.  As marketers we should be advocating for our customer’s privacy and consent.  Let’s face it we are also the customers whose data has been shared and misused over our lifetime.

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