Bonsai Performance Marketing Mission Statement

Bonsai was founded on the principles of reducing risk and media waste in digital marketing.  Our CEO, Matt Butler, saw the marketing industry continue to get bogged down in increased marketing technology and risky customer data practices. He wanted to create bespoke solutions for companies entirely based around their own first party data.  


We created Bonsai Performance Marketing with this philosophy in mind. We bring a more strategic level of service and experience than you’ll find anywhere – even from those serving the biggest Fortune 500 companies. The backbone of our performance marketing is built on Pyxis.  Pyxis is our proprietary measurement  framework that gathers all customer touchpoints, and provides an in-depth view of the customer’s journey to and within your business. 


At Bonsai we use these journey paths to account for digital media spend.  We will shift your company from a cost-based marketing approach to a profit-based approach.  With Pyxis we can see how your marketing mix performs, and test the value created across marketing channels.  Bonsai works in days – not weeks – to help execute your marketing vision.  Our measurement helps us make data driven decisions in real time.


Bonsai Ad Optimization measures the value of: Keyword, Time, Geolocation, and Lead Quality. This creates a system that is platform agnostic, and can be deployed to generate the best total business value across marketing platforms.  We promise you that if we feel something is not working, we will provide the data to back that up. We will then work together to come up with the correct solutions that fit your goals.


“Spend more” is never the solution for Bonsai.  Whether you spend $1,000 a month or $1,000,000 a month, Bonsai will make sure that spend works best for you. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds:  Google Measurement & Analytics, Boeing Engineering, Home Depot Retail Operations, and more.  Bonsai solves needs greater than just driving traffic to your website. We become a part of your business. Your Success is our success. With Bonsai Performance Marketing, we have created a world class service that prioritizes measurable business success first, and does so without an incentive for incremental marketing technology adoption and digital media spend.  

About the Author

Michael Sachs