Data Solutions

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Why Bonsai

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Automate Reporting

Your analysts should be analyzing, they shouldn’t be your reporting service. Do high value work up and down your reporting chain. Improve your team’s impact while improving fulfillment and work-life balance along the way.

Connect Your data

Connect marketing and CRM all without needing to adopt another data management or cloud technology platform. Bonsai joins your sales leads stored in your SAAS CRM back to their digital journey. Understand marketing lead value, customer lifetime metrics and more.

Google Ads

Google Ads are exceedingly difficult to optimize. Other platforms promise sophisticated techniques, but require long “training periods” and poorly adapt to available marketing budgets. Our technology solves this issue by deploying bidding strategies guaranteed to improve ROI within your existing budget plan.

Google Shopping

Our bid automation ties directly to customer sales journey, but also your business metrics that matter: product margins, inventories, pricing promotion and more. Our automation flexes to any strategic business need: top line revenue impact, in-quarter profit growth, or minimizing inventory liability and loss.

Omni-channel Sales

Connect your sales data from one or even thousands of physical locations, stored on premises or in your cloud, all to your customer’s digital on-site, in-app, or targeted marketing.

Optimize KPI's

“Better ROAS” or lower Cost-Per-Lead are evergreen goals of continuous optimization, but they aren’t meaningful targets. Would you rather have more sales volume, or more profit-per-sale? How much product volume can your business sell thru?

Site Speed

Your business website might rank highly on search engines, but when they click do they get a blank screen? Google’s research states that as pageload goes from one second to ten seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%.

You Tube

INCREASE ENGAGEMENT Our CPV bid optimization drives increased TrueViews & Actions from your current YouTube Media investments BETTER REACH & QUALITY Bonsai’s proprietary approach increases your overall reach and improves audience value when compared to prior performance.