Python Engineer [Contractor]

  • Part Time
  • Remote

About Bonsai

Our Beliefs

Data needs a strategy to become an asset.

Data strategy gives companies a predictable way to improve marketing performance and marketplace standing.

Marketing needs data science to become intelligent.

The right guidance and proven methodologies allow for data capture, organization, modeling and activation.

Technology needs cultivation to be truly effective.

Tools are less effective without the guidance of a team who understands how to shape execution.


Our Values

Simplify Technology & Data

We reduce complexity and improve productivity of existing tools.

People-First Approach

We put your team’s needs at the center and make your technology work for you.

Services, Not Software

Businesses need the guidance and expertise to use the tools they already have.

Required Skills

  • Deep experience with Python libraries: NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Beautifulsoup, Anaconda 
  • Experience with Python Viz libraries: Matplotlib, Plotly, Ggplot2, Seaborn
  • Experience with Object Oriented Programming
  • Experience with Kera
  • Familiarity with TensorFlow and PyTorch 
  • Experience with SQL on cloud platforms


Preferred Experience

  • Experience with Jupyter Notebooks
  • Experience with Dask and IPython Parallel
  • Familiarity  with PySpark, Apache


The Python Engineer will work closely with Bonsai’s Senior Data Engineers and to automate and validate our data warehouse Data Engineering processes and data science solutions through custom Python applications built for use in our GCP environment, and deployed through services like Cloud Run or Cloud Functions. This requires interaction with our Data Engineering team, and familiarity with our queries, views, tables, and data pipelines on BigQuery.

Python Engineer Outcomes

First Quarter

  • Automate GCP Project creation, BigQuery dataset design, ETL processes and data pipeline deployments for current and future Bonsai customers through Python application authorship and deployment on our Google Cloud.  
  • This will entail close collaboration with Bonsai Data Engineers and ETL toolsets, including Data Transfer Service, Fivetran, and Hightouch.


First 6 Months

  • Scale Bonsai’s teams, tech, intelligence, and activation capabilities by expanding the speed and scale of our Data Engineering capabilities across dozens of current clients.
  • Contribute to Bonsai’s v2 of our Data Platform, building out our automation, validation, and deployment capabilities through Python applications built to serve and evolve our data solution tiers: Unified Marketing Analytics, Unified Business Analytics, Unified Customer Measurement, and ML Predictive Analytics


First Year

  • Extend the capabilities of our Data Science & Data Engineering teams through the application of Python data science toolsets.
  • Improve and scale Bonsai’s Business Intelligence and Data Visualization capabilities through the application of Python data visualization toolsets.



  • Competitive hourly compensation. 
  • Expected weekly hours to start: 20



  • Be a key part of our small, passionate team
  • 100% remote, or feel free to join us at our Wheaton, IL office anytime!
  • Flexible work hours
  • The ability to work with and impact amazing clients
  • Contract-to-hire opportunities

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