Tales From SMB: 3 Things to Improve UX

Coming from the retail industry, I decided to make UX my passion. I think website UX is the key to providing great customer service experience for your users. I look at hundreds of SMB websites a week and here are three things I would look for on your site that are common issues.   3. … Read more

Tales from SMB: Your Digital Store Front

I recently have been bugging a friend who purchased a dog grooming shop to work on his website.  The website for his dog grooming shop was from 2004.  It had broken links, a Google search bar, it served ads, and even a gif of Felix the Cat.  I imagine all these things were impressive for … Read more

Attribution Part 2: Simple, Smart Questions

Because, you might need something to do while you pass the time, present company included. We received a lot of positive response to our first post about marketing attribution. It’s also a time many of us are learning more about cause, effects, and positive intervention in areas far more serious than marketing. While we’ve got … Read more

Lies, Damn Lies, and Data Protection

Perusing the news this morning I was drawn back to the article about Jumpshot on TechCrunch, Avast’s marketing technology subsidiary. They announced it will shut down after pressures mounted after investigations uncovered that Jumpshot was harvesting & selling user behavior data from it’s anti-virus tech without offering consent and control. Two things drew me back … Read more

Chrome’s Big Day

2 years. Start the countdown… Today, Google announced that it will phase out support for third party cookies in Chrome in two years. With over 60% of Earth using Chrome, this is a pretty big deal. As the third party cookie ecosystem begins to disintegrate, businesses will have to be much more savvy about how … Read more