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Reduce waste, eliminate data risk, and increase customer acquisition with true teams-first tech integration. We deliver simplified tech, unified data, and simpler solutions for your entire business.

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Tech & Teams Optimization

Data Risk Assessment

Media Waste

Privacy Risk

See What We've Accomplished

Sears Campaign Restructuring

Bonsai optimized Sears performance marketing campaigns & accounts to remove unnecessary tech debt, increase bidding precision 50% and reduce over 1,000,000 unnecessary ads, keywords, and targeting line items from the digital management portfolio. Profit Acceleration: 200K

PropSwap Email Marketing

Bonsai designed, automated, and segmented audience for email marketing.

Revenue Generation: $400K

Ancestry Predicted LTV Modeling

Bonsai built a ML model for pLTV using Ancestry customer data and fed it into Google for use with their search accounts.

Profit Acceleration: $50K

SHS Custom Google Ads Automation

Bonsai optimized the SHS in-home repair Google Ads advertising account to ensure ads only showed to prospective customers who were in range of a local technician with appointment availability, automating this over 5,000 unique technicians and over 10,000 unique locations.

Cost Savings: $1M

ThreatConnect Digital Media Management

Bonsai managed digital media across all platforms using our Bidding Optimization.

Profit Acceleration: $500K

Ancestry Paid Search Forecasting

Bonsai created a dashboard for the Performance Marketing & Finance teams to use for quarterly search projections to aid in the hitting Finance’s set targets throughout the holiday season.

Profit Acceleration: $25K

Data Risk Assessment

Do You know what tracking cookies, tags, and technologies are present on your website? Do you know how each one contributes to successful customer acquisition? Our free Data Risk Assessment organizes your technology portfolio into meaningful segments so you can see where you have coverage, and where you have waste.

When your teams have dozens of platforms and reports, your team gets thousands of datapoints, but no path on what to do next. We sort through the chaos: learn what each analytics tool and dataset is fit for, and how you should reconcile every report in your suite. Curious about our approach? Read more about our perspective on measurement vs. attribution

Read our original research on how marketing technology proliferation and third-party data collection impacts companies from every industry. See which verticals and business models are most susceptible to marketing data waste and consumer privacy risk. Learn more about building future-proof digital marketing technology strategies.

After the Data Risk Assessment, Bonsai is there to lead the process to improvement. Our Marketing Technology Design services guide you from tech waste to optimized functionality across marketing, information technology, customer analytics, and business operations. We deliver simplified tech,  better data fidelity and lower barriers to entry across every team critical to your business operation.

Unbiased Assessment

Analyze and evaluate your unique ad technology footprint: ad networks, demand-side platforms, data management platforms, audience exchanges, onboarding tools, CDPs, site analytics and more.

Third Party Optimization

Get line of sight into your existing mix and deploy tech that retains the most prospective customer reach without unintended duplication.

Future-Proof Strategy

Migrate to first-party targeting at scale, all while increasing reach and business performance.

Eliminate Media Waste

If you remarket using multiple third-parties, you are wasting impressions and generating poor customer experience that negatively impacts your brand.

Reduce Data Risks

Every third party that collects data on your website or app is a potential data privacy or security risk for your customers that you cannot control. How many companies are collecting data on your site visitors? Learn how your company can acquire new customers with fewer privacy vulnerabilities.

Safeguard User Privacy & Acquire More Customers

Meeting your marketing objectives doesn’t require media duplication and waste. Learn how we help our clients exceed their acquisition goals with a transparent and robust 1st-party data-driven strategy.